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Hey Athens Friends. Here is a great find. Jonathan and Amy have started this business and provide what so few others do. Great service, Great value, Great quality - from people that you can trust. I do not complement lightly and those of you who know me well understand I have high expectations from businesses.

These guys have provided several different types of cleaning services for us and in every case the results exceeded what we thought was possible, the service was quick and the value was great. In your home, business or rental property - give these guys a try.

- Jamil Elayan in Athens, Georgia

We at Sarepta Baptist Association needed our carpets cleaned for the first time in years.  It needed to be done right and with great quality!  So I turned to Jonathan Tolbert of First Serve Cleaning to do the job.  He came out and took a look and gave us an estimate of the cost involved in the cleaning.  We then set up a time, convenient to us, to have the carpet cleaned.  He was punctual and professional in every way.  He had estimated the time it would take to do the job and he delivered.  The cost was exactly what he had estimated with absolutely no surprises.  The end result, stains were gone and the room smelled refreshed.  I was so impressed with the work he did that I had First Serve come and clean the carpets at our house.  That experience too was just a duplicate of the one experienced at my office.  Without reservation I recommend First Serve Cleaning to clean your carpets.

- Dr. Lex Bowen, Director of Missions,

    Sarepta Baptist Association

Jonathan, the floor looks so good that the dog may never come back in the house, Adam is banned from the house and Andy is on probation!!! I love my floors! Great Job! Thank you so much!


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