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How much do you charge for carpet cleaning?

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We use what we believe is the fairest and most accurate way to price cleaning: pricing by the square foot.  That's why we offer a free pre-inspection for anyone interested in cleaning.  If you need a quote over the phone, we will give you a rough estimate based on the areas you desire to clean, then give you a more accurate quote the day we clean by measuring all the areas.

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What type of cleaning method do you use?

For residential cleaning, we use Hot Water Extraction cleaning.  This is the most thorough cleaning there is.  After a professional vacuuming, we prespray the carpeted areas with either a Sanitizer/Deodorizer or a professional carpet cleaning prespray. Next we agitate the fibers with a carpet rake, and use heated water to extract the suspended soil out of the carpet.  This leaves the carpet slightly damp with no residue. We use air movers and your ceiling fans to speed dry the area so that 4-6 hours after we leave, the carpet is dry.  We also leave you with shoe covers so that you can walk on your carpets with your shoes on if desired.

How far do you travel to clean? 
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We are based out of Athens, Georgia and are happy to travel up to an hour away at a minimum charge of $150.  Please call and let us know your distance from us and we may be able to accommodate traveling even farther for certain situations.

Are your chemicals harmful to our pets or children? 
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We use as little cleaning chemicals as possible to be as safe and environmentally responsible as possible.  Everything we use is safe for kids and pets, and actually the cleaning process will help any family members who have allergies.  We leave no residue behind as well with our method of cleaning.

Are you able to get out Pet Spots, Pet stains, or Pet odor?
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We have a lot of experience in this area, yes!  Although we can not always guarantee pet stain or odor removal, we have the experience and resources that allow us to improve and most of the time eliminate both stains and odor from your furry friends, or from a family accident as well.

Do you clean furniture?

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We clean everything from sofas, to chairs, ottomans, mattresses, and most everything that is upholstered and wet cleanable.

Who will do the cleaning in my home?
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We are a family business, and I am the owner as well as the professional cleaner.  I have over 7 years of experience in this industry, certifications and extensive training.  I also have had the opportunity to be a minister as a senior pastor, youth pastor, children's pastor, and overseas missionary.  I have met and served people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds.  It would be my pleasure to meet you, your family and your pets, and be sensitive to your needs and the needs of your family.

How long will the cleaning take and how long will it take to dry?
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Most jobs from small to large take about 2-4 hours.  If there are multiple levels in your house, or if furniture is to be cleaned, the time is closer to the 4 hour period.  Because we use the most thorough cleaning of Hot Water Extraction, your carpets are cleaned with hot water.  During the cleaning, much of the water is extracted by our process.  The remaining water dries in about 4-6 hours.  To speed dry your carpets, we rotate our air mover in each room that is cleaned.  We turn on ceiling fans, and we recommend that the central heat and air unit's fan is turned on for several hours after the cleaning.

How soon can we walk on the carpet?
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When we start cleaning, we will be using shoe covers.  We will also leave you with as many pairs of shoe covers as you need for your family.  As long as you have clean surfaces on your feet (clean shoes or socks) or use the provided shoe covers, you are welcome to walk on the carpet immediately. 

Do you move furniture?
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We have found that is normally the wisest decision to move very little heavy furniture like beds, dressers and cabinets.  We are not professional movers and do not want to risk accidentally damaging your property.  However, we do recommend you picking up small items and furniture placing them on beds or a nearby room not being cleaned.  At your request, we are happy to move any moveable furniture and clean underneath it, then put the piece back in place with Styrofoam blocks or plastic tabs to protect the wood or metal feet or surfaces touching the carpet.  Most customers choose to have the traffic patterns cleaned and are glad that we are able to get up under much of the furniture in their rooms with our cleaning wands.

What should I do next to receive excellent service and results?
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Call or email us today!  We are flexible and responsive to your emails, texts, and calls!  And remember, we give free pre-inspections so you will know what to expect before you decide on cleaning.


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